M.I.S.S. Talks Podcast (May I Speak Sincerely?) with Angel & The Poet ~Walter LaRaye

S2E29: The Porn Actress... The Poet...& The Apology... Special Guest: Ms. Valentine

June 16, 2020

We welcome the erotic model & porn actress, Ms. Valentine to M.I.S.S. Talks Podcast. We discuss a variety of things from current affairs and The Poet apologizes to her for commenting on her picture via Instagram. We believe in transparency but more importantly, we believe in respect.

Ms. Valentine shares her views on being bi-racial and her support for the movement of Black Lives Matter.  She also speaks passionately about her life as an individual and not being fitted into a mold of other people's thought process.  She speaks on being openly Queer and living her life as a sex postive woman but in an authenic way.

In the state of our culture and even in the state of America with the senseless murders of innocent black men and black women by white cops and white men.  Now more than ever we need to learn how to respect one another.  Ms. Valentine and I, chop it up on respect and maturity.  This was a great interview of understanding and growth.

We want to send a very special thank you to Ms. Valentine for allowing us to interview her on M.I.S.S. Talks Podcast.  She was a delight to interview and we will hope she would join us again in the near future.

If you would like to correspond with Ms. Valentine via twitter https://twitter.com/vonbettie or she can be reached on Instagram @valentine.pdx  https://www.instagram.com/valentine.pdx/
Her link tree allmylinks.com/darlingvalentine if you would like to follow Ms. Valentine's journey.

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