M.I.S.S. Talks Podcast (May I Speak Sincerely?) with Angel & The Poet ~Walter LaRaye


Sept. 29, 2020

S3E12: REAL MEN WASH DISHES: In this episode, The Poet ~Walter LaRaye gives his two cents on real men washing dishes to help their spouse.  It is important that all men take the time to make sure that they are cleaning their homes.  Washing dishes is a subtle gesture to your spouse that you care about them and appreciate them for cooking for the family.  A woman really should not have to cook and clean, it is a good team builder when the family can chip in and assist the woman, wife, mother of the house.  These things that we do to help our spouse takes the anxiety away from them.  So help them to help you.  Gems from The Poet ~Walter LaRaye.

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