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From symptoms to solutions: Sonali's PCOS success story!

April 23, 2024

#230: Sonali is an amazing and inspirational Cyster from The Cysterhood! She developed symptoms of PCOS as early as 12 years old but just like many others, was not diagnosed for 10 years.

It wasn’t until later that she found The Cysterhood and truly understood what PCOS was and how to manage it. She currently lives in London and is reaching her health goals step by step with PCOS!

In this episode, Sonali talks about specific dietary changes and supplements that made the biggest impact in her journey as well as practices that have been the most beneficial in her mental well-being.

If you are newly diagnosed or struggling to manage PCOS symptoms, join us in this episode to learn how to approach PCOS and thrive, just like Sonali!

*Note to Cysters: We had some technical issues with our microphones in this episode, apologies in advance if the audio sounds muffled*

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