Stuff About The Passive Income Lifestyle

#1: My Journey - Generating Passive Income

Nov. 16, 2019

I share my journey on generating passive income. We are a group of Software Engineers wanting to achieve more their life.

The podcast outline:

  • I am a software engineer by profession
  • But I always wanted to do more than that
  • I originally started with blogging about tech
  • Got into bitcoin and cryptocurrency just before the boom in 2017
  • Started watching videos on generating passive income, affiliate marketing, managing personal finance
  • Meanwhile, we created the Instagram account - me, Ranjana, and few other friends
  • Now I blog on personal finance management too (
  • I do affiliate marketing on Instagram and my blog
  • We share FREE coupons to premium courses
  • Ninja Academy is becoming a brand slowly!
  • We are here to answer your questions

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