Reversing Effects of Global Warming by Weather Warfare

Jan. 25, 2020

People around the world are worried about environmental changes and global warming. If you ask someone what is the solution they will reply solution is cutting back on CO2 production. But that is not exactly correct. See global warming causes two effects; First, it melt glaciers and raises see levels and second it causes warming of planet due to high atmospheric CO2 content. But cutting back on CO2 production is not the solution. The real solution is use of weather and weather manipulators. HARRP in Alaska is a weather manipulator By use of weather manipulators we can guide winds carrying clouds which will cause rain. To illustrate, we guide the direction and path of seasonal rains and normal winds carrying clouds toward dry lands and deserts. Then we cause substantial amount of annual rain over desert. We do this over several years. This way we will store water in deserts turning them to lakes, marshes, and swamps. As glaciers melt and sea level rises we store the released water in deserts of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sahel region Africa, and other deserts. They can hold substantial amount of water and cancel out rise of sea levels due to melting of glaciers. But as I said we must do it over year because trying to turn a desert to a lake in one year is dangerous but doing it slowly over several years is fine. Deserts are actually dried lakes and by use of weather manipulators can be turned into lakes. There is another issue with global warming and it is rise in Atmospheric CO2 content. There is an excellent solution for that. As we create lakes, marshes, and swamps in deserts we will plant trees, forests, and Jungles next to them. See life is created from Carbon chains and carbon chains are made from Carbon and CO2 has Carbon. When we plant trees we also bring animals and other forms of life to love in vicinity of our trees. This means there will be more carbon stored in these animals and plants. Now vegetation’s and trees absorb CO2 and release Oxygen. Then they store the CO2 in leaf and other parts of plant. These leaf will be eaten by animals. Animals themselves are also made of carbon chains. When animals die and leaf falls they will be either claimed by nature or will be buried. This means CO2 in Atmosphere is absorbed by vegetation, eaten by Animals, and then dead animals are buried. This way we trap the CO2 under soil while we also create life, lakes, animals, forests, and trees. Tree absorbs CO2 and releases Oxygen. Planting forests and trees is the best way of reducing CO2 in the Air. I must remind even though there is no real need for reduction in CO2 production if we use my method but there are still poisonous gases, wastes, and chemicals which harm our environment. These wasted and chemicals must not be released into environment and nature. Their release and production as by product must be tightly regulated and we must develop new technologies to process these wastes or prevent their production all together. By Makan Abazari neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.