Sweet Beetches
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Sweet Beetches

I created this brand as I was tired to be called names when I was assertive. Men get to be called assertive, we are nags, bitches or bossy. These are all double standards.
Why Sweet Beetches? Because when we get called Bitch, that doesn't mean we are mean. It means some people want us to play by old fashioned rules, where our place as women is decided by society. No thanks! So why Beetches and not bitches? Great question! I wanted to sweeten up the name... and I love bees. Eureka... bees make the honey, but they can sting! I loved the concept!

In this podcast series I will teach you to be fine to get labelled names by some men and women. You know you're kind at heart and are not a Crudelia Demon who wears fur coats made by Dalmatian puppies' furs. Keep your sweet honey, but be more of a beetch! ;)

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