Homemaker Chic

What IS Chic Anyways? Jennifer Scott of Madame Chic

June 15, 2020

We're Baaaaaaaack!   
It's the premiere of Season 2 of Homemaker Chic and we are thrilled to go straight to the source as we seek to come to terms with what IS chic anyways!   We are so very pleased to welcome Jennifer Scott to the program.  As the author of the Madame Chic series of books, she's going to help us understand what it really means to be CHIC!   Does it mean your strutting around in Chanel and Gucci?   Think again:)
Find Jennifer here:  https://jenniferlscott.com/
Any enjoy her Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheDailyConnoisseur

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Our love comment this week is from Shelbyandblush: “Thank you two for breaking into my Monday from hell. Finding myself right in the middle of the colossal mess that is WA state unemployment. So many people in the wreckage are frustrated, scared, and discouraged. I really needed the humor, joy, and overall hope your podcast brings me every week. I feel encouraged and distracted from my troubles for a full 60 minutes. Pit List: Avoid despair, go plant something lovely, and maybe get a bottle of something strong. Love you two!”

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And now, Dearest "Karen", it's time we part ways. 
"Karen" has been an inside joke on this podcast since about day one.   Throughout Season One we teased Karen for showing her trash, and we've thanked her for being "our only listener" as we sorted out mic trouble and got our sea legs with our podcast.  BUT Karen, the media has made you something we never wanted you to be.   It was funny when you were just an uptight gal with a weird haircut that didn't know how to be chic in public when her order was placed wrong or when your child's soccer coach kept him on the bench.   It was funny when "your trash was showing".  Sadly, Karen, you're out of control and in our effort to be KIND and CHIC and create a LOVING environment in our homes and in the world... we're going to have to say goodbye.   We hope you get a handle on yourself girlfriend.   
And our apologies to our friends who are actually named Karen.   We know that YOU are kind and chic.   We'll always be friends.  

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