Rene Ritchie

New 13 MacBook Pro (2020) is Here!

May 5, 2020

Apple has just launched a new 13-inch MacBook Pro. And, at first glance, it seems a little confusing. But, here’s what you have to understand right up front — There are really two new 13-inch MacBook Pros out now: 🚶‍♀️- A 2-port low-end that’s pretty much the old 13-inch but with the new Magic Keyboard, and; 🏃‍♂️- A 4-port high-end that has that Magic Keyboard, but also newer, higher, more modern specs. SPONSOR: Brilliant Go to and sign up for free. The first 200 of you who go to this link will get 20% your annual Brilliant subscription. SUBSCRIBE: YouTube SPECIAL THANKS: Patreon Patreon supporters help make these videos possible. Get access to exclusive Discord, previews, and the opportunity to see your name in the credits! MORE: Nebula Twitter: Instagram: Web neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.