Rene Ritchie

iPhone 12 — Mega Anamorphic Zoom?!

May 30, 2020

Rumors are making the rounds that the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 — one of the upcoming iPhones — will finally increase the megapixel count on the camera system to a number greater than 12. With 64 being the flavor of the week. Now, megapixels are all about quantity. They don’t always help, and can even hurt, image quality. There are also rumors of other improvements, even entirely new cameras. Here’s what they all are, how they’d all work, and why Apple may just be considering them. This… is #iPhone12 camera rumors explained! SPONSOR: New Store! New Merch! Order now and get a month of Nebula — FREE! Rene Ritchie Merch SUBSCRIBE: YouTube SPECIAL THANKS: Patreon Patreon supporters help make these videos possible. Get access to exclusive Discord, previews, and the opportunity to see your name in the credits! MORE: Nebula Twitter: Instagram: Web neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.