Eurovision Legends


May 14, 2020

She was already a big star in several countries and was approached by Germany to compete for them, but felt that she'd rather compete for her own country Israel, that was yet to compete in Eurovision. So she personally made it happen, and Ilanit became the first Israeli entrant in 1973 with "Ey Sham". She has been selected to compete for Israel twice more, in 1977 with "Ahava Hi Shir Lishnayim" and in 1984 with "Balalaika", but the later did not result in an actual participation in the Eurovision, and Emil of course must ask her what really happened. We also learn how she managed to acquire some backup singers on a shoestring budget to support her during her performance in 1977, and we finally get the definitive truth to the rumour that she wore a bulletproof vest under her dress in 1973, and we also get Ilanits view on the rumour spread by Swedish conductor legend Anders Berglund that the Israeli conductor in 1977 Eldad Shrim was armed while conducting.

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