Equip and Empower with Christine Caine

EP 92 How to Find Lasting Fulfillment, Peace, and Joy

April 1, 2021

Do you know people who seem to have it all—great looks, fabulous home, fantastic relationships, thriving career? It’s easy to forget that what we see may not always be how things really are. Many so-called “perfect people” may actually be in pain, just trying to get by in life, feeling empty, and searching for meaning and purpose just like everybody else. We live in a society that tells us the secret to fulfillment is in money, position, power, and prestige. But as Christians, we know that ultimate fulfillment, peace, and joy are found in something far greater and longer lasting than any of those things. This episode will empower you to lead a life full of passion and joy that points others to the life-changing fulfillment you have found in and through a relationship with Jesus. 

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