State Lobbying Heroes

Mastering the art of communication with Chris Burke

Feb. 24, 2023

Chris Burke grew up in the suburb of Chicago. It was a pleasant experience for him as the catholic school he attended was just a three-minute walk behind their house, which made him more connected to his environment.

After moving to a different suburb in Chicago and his parents separated, Chris stayed with his mother. He continued playing music throughout his primary and secondary educational years as his father was a jazz musician.

Initially, Chris took business as his college major, which seemed like a great choice. Moreover, his parents did not work in that field. Chris didn't have any role models for college around him because his parents couldn't finish college.

After some time, he switched to Mass Communication after realizing he did not enjoy his chosen field. He discovered during that time that what he wanted the most was his elective classes in social science.

Eventually, he decided to change his major and pursue a Bachelor of Science in Sociology because it was the subject that interested him the most.

What is the one skill Chris thinks is essential for someone to become a good lobbyist?

What motivates Chris to be doing what he's doing?

What sparked Chris' interest in government relations?

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