State Lobbying Heroes

State Affairs and Business Development in The Healthcare Industry With Kelly Vogel

Oct. 29, 2023

Kelly Vogel grew up in Loveland, Colorado, also known as the Sweetheart City, as it is the home of the official Valentine. She had a traditional childhood experience growing up with her two older brothers.
Kelly went to the University of Oregon and started majoring first in Child Psychology but eventually went into Political Science. After graduating, she went to DC to work in state affairs, federal affairs, state lobbyist, and federal lobbyist, all in the field of healthcare for 20 years.
After working in DC, Kelly decided to move to North Carolina and continue her career in handling state affairs and business development. Kelly spends most of her time on the policy and business side, helping to bridge the gap between the two. After that, she would explain to legislators the impact of their policy decision on affordability and access to healthcare.
What inspires Kelly to pursue her career as a state lobbyist?
What three pieces of advice does Kelly have for someone to get into government relations?
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