Is Scott Peterson Not Guilty? The L.A. Innocence Project Takes Up His Case

Jan. 26, 2024

In a turn of events that comes as shock to many, Scott Peterson who was convicted in 2005 for the murder of his wife Laci and their unborn son, has had his case taken up by the L.A. Innocence Project. Jessie and Andie break down why the Innocence Project believes there is more to uncover. Current Affairs is Love Murder's show about the stories of love gone fatally wrong that are in the news right now. Sources: Find LOVE MURDER online: Website: Instagram: @lovemurderpod Twitter: @lovemurderpod Facebook: LoveMrdrPod TikTok: @LoveMurderPod Patreon: /LoveMurderPod Credits: Love Murder is hosted by Jessie Pray and Andie Cassette, researched and written by Jessie Pray, produced by Nathaniel Whittemore and edited by Kyle Barbour-Hoffman neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.