The Cellf Code Podcast
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The Cellf Code Podcast

The Cellf Code can be considered to be the first contract you sign in this life. This is a an agreement between you and you, to live and be and act according to your biological design. Adding in your personality and designing your character, we now have what we refer to as your Cellf Code.

Your cellf code can also be described as your genetic code. This genetic code is the foundation of all knowledge of cellf and is an insight into the personality and make-up of you as an individual.

This podcast is to serve as a platform for those who desire to learn more about themcellves through the expresssion of cellf. In order to function as a full expression of a cellf, we must come to know ourcellves at the most microscopic level. For as we come to know our genetic design, we can know how to best relate to the world outside of us. For as within, so without and as without, so within.

The purpose of this podcast is to show you how every atom's (the molecular structure of our cells) basic function is to create something greater than itcellf. The things we do without conscious control point to the fact that there is a greater awareness in place on a molecular level. However, the further our expression of cellf develops, the more conscious we become of our Cellf Code.

The role of The Cellf Code Podcast is to help those who are featured on this podcast to learn how to share what they have inside of them without apology and without boundaries... Because as we learn to express our deepest Cellf, we allow others the freedom to express their highest version of Cellf!

For future features, requests or questions on this podcast, contact us @thecellfcode on Instagram or send us an email @ [email protected] neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.