Training Without Conflict Podcast

Episode Fifteen: Dr. Michael Perone

Feb. 10, 2023

Training Without Conflict Podcast Episode Fifteen: Dr. Michael Perone

In this episode, Ivan Balabanov takes a deep dive into the role of Operant Learning in animal behavior with Professor of Behavioral Analysis, Dr. Michael Perone.

Dr. Perone has been actively involved in the experimental analysis of operant behavior for over 30 years. An area of ongoing concern is how to translate the concepts and procedures of the animal laboratory to the analysis of human behavior.

In this podcast, Ivan gets the answers to many tough questions that have been facing the dog training industry for decades.

Ivan is able to get much greater clarity about the roles the 4 quadrants of Operant Conditioning play in animal learning from a practicing animal behaviorist that is still running and completing studies on animals presently.

With Dr. Perone's help, Ivan debunks some of the myths surrounding positive punishment, negative reinforcement, positive reinforcement, and negative punishment.

The discussion also delves into some of the "non-aversive" practices utilized by the force free movement such as "time outs" and negative punishment, while unraveling the propaganda surrounding "learned helplessness".

Ivan also gets great insight into one of Dr. Michael Perone's most popular published studies, titled "Negative Effects of Positive Reinforcement" (2003)

Dr. Perone received his Ph.D. degree in psychology in 1981 from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, after which he held a faculty position at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (1982-1984).

Ivan Balabanov is a 2-time World Champion dog trainer, Ot Vitosha Malinois breeder, trainer of Premier Protection Dogs and founder of the revolutionary Training Without Conflict® dog training system.

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