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Episode Twenty-Seven: Debbie Zappia Part Two

Aug. 18, 2023

Training Without Conflict® Podcast Episode Twenty-Seven: Debbie Zappia Part Two

In this episode, Ivan interviews the first returning guest of the TWC Podcast, Debbie Zappia.

This episode features a deep dive into the sport of American Schutzhund.

Ivan asks all the pertinent question to fully understand the inner workings of this burgeoning sport!

Debbie has had a long, storied history in the sport of Schutzhund, highlighted by her incredible accomplishment of winning the 2015 WUSV World Championship with her dog Iron Von Den Wölfen, becoming the first American AND the first American woman to win the WUSV World Championship.

Aside from her World Championship, she has been on the podium countless times with multiple dogs throughout her 30-plus years involved in dog sport.

In 2019, she founded American Schutzhund with the intention to preserve the integrity of the historic sport of Schutzhund and also to continue the tradition of a proving ground for selection of some of the world's top working dogs.

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