Delve into the Depths

Chuck Phelps, Tina Anderson and Fundamentalism, Part 2

June 4, 2011

This week we pick up where we left off last week as we discuss how the Tina Anderson case has impacted the world of fundamentalism. The case has gained national attention through a recent 20/20 segment aired on ABC which has left many wondering about fundamentalism in general. This case has attracted so much attention that last week's podcast was actually unavailable for a little while because we had so many listeners we actuallt exceeded our monthy allotment of bandwith! I'd like to thank our guest Darrell Dow of Stuff Fundies like who graciously helped out by making the podcast available on his website. Again joining us this week will be Darrell Dow, a graduate from Pensacola Christian College and editor of the Stuff Fundies Like blog. Joshua Caucutt, who graduated from and worked for Maranatha Baptist Bible College, is also joining us for the discussion. Josh operates the Sound Church blog. Of course, our host Kevin Thompson (also a PCC graduate), would include himself in the former fundamentalist category. This week listen in as we discuss such topics as the is there a network within the fundamentalist churches and what to do after having left fundamentalism. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.