Delve into the Depths

Podcast 31 - Sorry, Governor Romney, Mormonism is a Cult

Oct. 13, 2011

Last Saturday, Pastor Robert Jeffress made headlines in his introduction of Governor Rick Perry at the Value Voters Summit. Pastor Jeffress claimed Mitt Romney was a not a true Christian as Mormonism is a cult. The press went crazy! Even conservatives called the man a bigot. While there has been much discussion about the political ramifications of this statement, there has been little discussion about the real issue at hand – was Jeffress right? Is Mormonism actually a cult? I think after you download this week’s Understanding Our Times podcast you will be left with only one conclusion – Mormonism is a cult. We have freedom of religion in our country, so Governor Romney is certainly entitled to his belief, but he is not entitled to take on a historical label that has a clear definition. In this latest podcast I sit down with Pastor Dan Gibson of Janesville, WI (Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church) and define what a cult really is a just how Mormonism is radically opposed to the Biblical doctrines of the orthodox, historic Christian faith. Pastor Gibson has a unique perspective on this topic as he was once a leader within the Mormon church before coming to a true saving faith in Christ. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.