Click Bait with Bachelor Nation

Zac Clark Joins Fiancée Tayshia on This Week’s ‘Click Bait’!

Dec. 31, 2020

Host Tayshia is joined by her new fiancé Zac Clark in an exclusive interview like no other. Natasha and Joe grill Tayshia and Zac on the most surprising things they’ve learned about each other since moving in together. Zac also discusses his sobriety and clears up those “champagne” toasts on the show. Plus, Tayshia and Zac share which Bachelor Nation couple they would choose to go with on a double date. 

Tayshia, Joe, and Natasha then reveal their top three picks for the franchise’s next Bachelor and Bachelorette before breaking down the “Click Bait” headlines of the week: 

  • ‘E! News’ Names Their Top Picks for the Next Bachelor and Bachelorette 
  •  Meg Thee Stallion Shares Dating App Tips and Profile Red Flags 


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