English For Kids

Super Stories: The Ugly Duckling

May 6, 2024

城揚建設新推出的「陽明第一廳」 緊鄰三民區的明星學府-陽明國中 46~52坪,每層四戶兩部電梯 最適合有換屋與置產需求的你 讓生活中充滿書香、運動風,滿足食衣住行的消費需求 城揚建設 陽明第一廳 07-384-2888 https://bit.ly/4azoWGy ----以上訊息由 SoundOn 動態廣告贊助商提供---- Welcome to "English For Kids," where each episode unfolds a magical story that carries powerful life lessons. This episode, "The Ugly Duckling," brings to life the beloved tale of the Ugly Duckling in a way that resonates with young learners. As we journey alongside the Ugly Duckling, children will not only enjoy a captivating story but also enhance their English language skills. We incorporate key vocabulary and grammar points, specifically designed for ESL students, to aid in their language learning while keeping them engaged with the plot. Listeners will follow the Ugly Duckling through trials and triumphs as he discovers his true identity and learns the importance of self-acceptance. Our story emphasizes that true beauty comes from within and celebrates the uniqueness of each individual. Perfect for bedtime, classroom listening, or family time, "The Ugly Duckling" is more than just a tale—it's a tool to boost confidence and language skills in young listeners. Join us on this transformative journey, and let's help our little ones learn and grow with "English For Kids"

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