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Episode 55: Dr. Sandy Kaufmann Longevity Expert – Sneak Peak at 3 New AntiAging Compounds That Have Earned a Spot in Her New Book

Aug. 10, 2021

In this week’s episode, Nathalie talks to Dr. Sandy Kaufmann the seven tenets of aging, 3 of the amazing compounds she has included in her upcoming new book and how to stay young as you get older!


Meet This Week’s Guest

Dr. Kaufmann began her academic career in the field of cellular biology, earning a Master’s Degree from the University of Connecticut in Tropical Ecology and Plant Physiology. Turning to medicine, she received her medical Degree at the University of Maryland, and completed a residency and fellowship at Johns Hopkins in the field of pediatric anesthesiology. For the last five years she has been the Chief of Pediatric Anesthesia at the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, a nationally recognized center of excellence. Most recently, she was recognized as “Best in Medicine” by the American Health Council.

Her avid interest in the science of anti-aging began many years ago as an intense hobby. Utilizing her knowledge in cell biology, human pharmacology and physiology, this hobby has now become a main focus. The project represents years of non-clinical research leading to the first, ever, comprehensive theory of aging.


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Key Takeaways

[03:40] About Dr. Kaufmann...

[06:20] The seven tenets of aging: Information Systems (DNA), Cellular Energy, Cellular Pathways, Quality Control, Immune System, Individual Cells, Waste Management…

[14:07] Should you do an aggressive heavy metal detox?..

[16:21] Should we all be taking prenatal vitamins?..

[19:28] The ranking system of the seven tenets of aging covered in the Kaufman Protocol

[24:28] About the Kauffmann protocol app…

[27:30] Should you stay on supplements indefinitely or cycle them?..

[28:35] What supplements are the foundational supplements most people should be on?..

[38:12] Thoughts on vitamin D3?..

[38:46] Teaser of Dr. Kaufmann’s second book. How is the book organized? Can you use the book like a health encyclopedia?..

[42:00] Ecklonia cava, the key to weight loss, healthy skin and hair?..

[53:30] Reishi mushrooms, the key to immortality?

[62:00] Spermidine, the one of a kind supplement that fills in all the gaps

[74:00] What are the best brain supplements?

[78:55] What are the best antiaging tips that do not involve supplements?




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