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Episode #61: Prolonged Lifespan with C60 and Optimizing the Brain with Neural Rx

Sept. 21, 2021

My guest this week is Ian Mitchell from WizardSciences

In this episode, Ian and I discuss the benefits and potential for C60 for antiaging and cancer. We also talk about the many ways that his new supplement, Neural RX, can enantihance the brain and potentially prolong the dirt nap.

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Ian Mitchell is a research scientist who studied Chemistry at MSU and Jazz Performance at the UNO. Ian based the development of his original company's C60 on the detoxification of the body, the reduction of inflammation, and the associated pain that comes with it. His product contains an assortment of ingredients that exhibit antioxidant properties 270 times stronger than Vitamin C, eliminate scar tissue, and rehabilitate injured tissues. The result is an increase in energy, alertness, and overall well-being. He has now made some tweaks with Neural RX which has a proprietary neural blend of lipofullerenes that support cognitive function and provide access to antioxidant protection for your body's mitochondria. 

Ian's company, Wizard Sciences, adheres to the strictest quality control standards that assure the purity of Neural RX. Unlike many other C60 producers, they are not just buying and mixing “off the shelf” components. They carefully test the Carbon60 assuring maximum purity and yield. This allows them to control all components of the supply chain as well as to perform periodic inspections at all stages of the process.

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[12:10] Who is Ian Mitchell?..

[20:19] Rat studies on C60...

[26:00] Can C60 actually promote tumor growth?..

[29:10] What C60 companies can we trust?..

[30:30] What is Neural RX? What makes it effective and what is the best way to use it?..

[39:59] The importance of learning new things…

[41:15] Does your brain adapt differently depending on what you are learning?..

[45:41] What changes has Ian seen from Neural RX? How many people have tried it so far?..

[48:50] How long does it typically take to see benefits from neural RX? How often should you take it?..




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