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Episode # 72: Harness the Power of Ice Baths to Rewire Your Brain and Heal Chronic and Acute Conditions

Dec. 7, 2021

My guest this week is Adrienne Jezick, Co-Founder Morozko Forge, Master Deliberate Cold Exposure (DCE) Guide.

In this episode, Adrienne shares an all-too-familiar story of a major battle with autoimmunity to the point where she thought she was dying. Low and behold, she tried one natural therapy for autoimmunity after another until she noticed that ice baths, or deliberate cold exposure therapy, made the biggest impact. While an anti-inflammatory diet was also helpful, ice bath’s opened her eyes to a totally new world of healing autoimmunity naturally. Ice baths have the power to heal chronic and acute conditions and can be a complementary therapy for many other diseases. We encourage you to comb through the clinical research out there. 

Perhaps one of the biggest deterrents for deliberate cold exposure is the fear of discomfort. That’s normal. Adrienne speaks with us today with full confidence that we can, with the right guidance, be someone who tolerates and benefits from ice baths. 

Today’s episode will help you understand how to prepare for deliberate cold exposure, how long to stay in an ice bath, who should NOT try ice baths, what kind of breathwork is helpful for ice baths, contrast therapy, and how often you should do ice baths. And of course, what to do if you don’t have access to a place that has ice baths.

Learn more about deliberate cold exposure (DCE) at or if you would like to be put on the waiting list for new training in 2022 then shoot Adrienne an email at [email protected].

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Episode Timestamps:

[4:00] How Adrienne got where she is today…

[9:00] Elimination diet and low inflammation food…

[10:35] Discovering deliberate cold exposure (DCE)...

[14:35] Hormetic stress vs an overwhelming stress to the body…

[25:00] Breathwork, is there a preferred method of breathing for ice baths such as Wim Hoff? How do you get yourself into a calm state?..

[32:20] Is more time in the water better with cold therapy?..

[34:44] What is the value of other cold therapies such as ice showers and cryotherapy?..

[43:45] How long should you stay in the cold? Is there an ideal amount of time?

[45:30] Is contrast therapy good for you? 

[49:48] How many times a week should you do DCE for it to be effective?..

[52:16] What are the contraindications for DCE?..

[56:10] Raynaud's syndrome and cold exposure…

[58:42] Cortisol issues and cold exposure…

[62:11] How long did it take Adrienne to heal with cold therapy?..

[66:18] What is special about morozko forge ice baths?..



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