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Episode #85: Testing For Insulin Resistance And Strategies For Post COVID-19 Support

March 1, 2022

My guest this week is Gus Vickery, MD

In this episode, Gus Vickery, MD and I discuss optimizing your life through focusing on metabolic health, longevity and high performance. We talk about doing this through appropriate lab work, diet, peptides and supplements. We also touch on how to treat an active COVID-19 infection as well as long-haul covid. Dr. Vickery has a list of things he has seen work best in his practice to support adverse effects of COVID-19 like inflammation from covid, blood complications, and more!

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[04:44] Dr. Vicker’s short story of how he got where he is today…

[09:00] Metabolic health, longevity and high performance..

[16:30] How do you treat insulin resistance in an older athlete who is eating right, sleeping well and still has high blood sugar?..

[22:19] How to exercise before and after meals to help with blood sugar regulation…

[24:32] What metabolic markers should people be looking for?..

[33:50] What is the truth about LDL?..

[40:35] Post covid and long haul covid healing strategies…

[57:00] Healing tendons with BPC-157…

[64:20] What are the top things you can do for your health?..






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