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Episode #97: Nature Wants Us To Be Fat But We Can Fix That

May 24, 2022

My guest this week is Dr. Richard Johnson, the author of Nature Wants Us to Be Fat

In this episode, Dr. Johnson and I discuss how nature put a survival switch in our bodies to save us from starvation. Since we are no longer hunters and gatherers, that switch is no longer useful and is often stuck in the on position causing weight gain. Dr. Johnson talks about ways to turn it off and avoid unwanted weight gain, and more importantly, avoid exacerbating major diseases. 

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Episode Takeawys: 


[06:15] How Dr. Johnson got where he is today…

[13:20] Why do our bodies work the way they do when it comes to fat storage?..

[20:09] What foods activate the survival switch?..

[24:45] What are the issues with high glycemic foods?..

[26:05] Why is fructose so harmful for the body?..

[34:25] Study on low fructose with no fruit diet vs some natural fruit and low fructose diet…

[35:30] Does dehydration make you fat?..

[45:18] What is resistant starch?..

[47:42] Does glutamate make you fat fast?..

[55:42] Let’s talk cancer..

[67:55] Can you turn off the obesity switch and repair damaged mitochondria?..


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