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Episode #98: Nutritional Supplements Specially Formulated For Your Body And Goals

May 31, 2022

My guest this week is Ari Tulla, CEO/Co-founder of Elo Health.

In this episode, Ari and I discuss how to solve big problems like nutrition. Most people have no idea how they are doing nutrition-wise. You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Many people take supplements and have no idea if they are helping, again you can’t measure what you don’t know. Elo Health has created a program that helps people measure and understand their biomarkers on a quarterly basis. Elo Health helps people personalize their nutrition and supplementation by directly measuring the effect. The Elo Health vision is to transform food from the cause of disease to the medicine that cures it. Ari breaks down how the program works from testing, health coaching, tracking, and supplementation. 

Learn more at and use promo code NAT for the first month free and then $99 a month after that. That includes regular blood work, help from a nutritionist, and customized supplementation.


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Oxford HealthSpan

Primeadine includes Spermine & Putrescine and two other Polyamines that work hand in hand with Spermidine PLUS FOS, a prebiotic to feed the bacteria in your gut that make Spermidine. Research shows that Spermidine upregulates autophagy, helps the immune system to rejuvenate and it protects DNA. There are added benefits like better sleep, hair, skin and nails.

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Berkeley Life supplements provide a dietary nitrate that the body converts into nitric oxide. Their two-capsule daily dose has the dietary nitrate equivalent to 5 oz of spinach or 7 oz of beetroot! This helps to maintain healthy circulation, delivering nutrients where they need to go. 

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Episode Takeaways:


[06:57] Who is Ari?..

[11:08] Making nutrition smarter with Ello…

[17:00] Controlling inflammation with the food you eat…

[39:00] Making nutrition smart by collecting data from your body…

[49:45] What all is included in the Elo membership?..

[50:08] How does Elo choose what supplements they use and recommend?..

[55:01] Will genetics ever be integrated into the Elo algorithm?..

[59:45] What is the cookie jar gene?..



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