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Episode #110: How to Get Younger as You Get Older

Aug. 16, 2022

My guest this week is Chris Mirabile Co-Founder and CEO of NOVOS

In this episode, Chris and I discuss how to get younger as you get older. (Yes it’s possible, and we talk about how to measure this with epigenetic testing options!) Do you want to slow aging?  Do you want to look younger?, or, Do you just want to optimize your longevity so your healthspan equals your lifespan? I know it can be extremely overwhelming trying to figure out what is actually worth spending money on with all the misinformation and crowded space of false-hope products, so that’s why I invited Chris from Novos to share about his company and research. They take a results oriented approach to biohacking so their customers can experience life more fully.  Who doesn’t want that?!  NOVOS’ focus is on longevity, which leads us into some great conversations about each of the nine (or ten) “hallmarks of aging”, fasting, supplements, mitochondrial health, what diet is right for you, genetic age testing, and so much more!  If you are curious about aging gracefully, this episode is a great opportunity to learn what are currently the most effective and time-tested ingredients on the market and the trends we are seeing in the anti aging industry.


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Episode Takeways

[04:00] What brought Chris to where he is today?..

[14:30] Does Chris’s formula address the nine hallmarks of aging?..

[16:00] What are the nine hallmarks of aging?..

[36:00] Bonus answer... Is there a tenth hallmark of aging?..

[37:15] How did Chris find/formulate the perfect products for NOVOS?..

[40:39] Why is NMN not combined with NOVOSs’s other products?..

[41:32] What are the requirements for a supplement to make it onto NOVOS product list?..

[51:05] What does Chris do to optimize his own longevity?..

[65:40] Should you cycle NOVOS?..





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