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Episode #117: Feel Better, Faster & Take Control of Your Health for Good

Sept. 27, 2022

My guest this week is Reed Davis, HHP, CNT, LEHP | Founder, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

In this episode, Reed and I discuss how to take control of your health and end the cycle of trial and error by identifying healing opportunities. Are you stuck on the hamster wheel of subclinical or ill health? Does every doctor tell you nothing is wrong? Have low energy, libido or mood? Struggle to manage stress, sleep, or constantly sick?  These are some of the common complaints, but common doesn't mean healthy.   

How to end this metabolic chaos? We discuss shifting our society’s obsession with chasing symptoms because they are not the problem, they are the result of the problem.  The FDN program does this through a proven DRESS framework, including testing, intake forms and individualized protocols.  FDN is one of the most respected coaching programs, offering a certification to teach both medical practitioners and general people from all walks of life. The body innately knows how to be healthy; we need the right information and tools; that’s exactly what FDN graduates are trained to do.  Tune in to learn about curating the right data to uncover the most dysfunction in the body, hormone & adrenal support, food sensitivity, intelligent supplementation, nutrition and more.

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Episode Takeways

[04:45] Reed's background & starting FDN...

[08:50] How to get to the bottom of metabolic chaos…

[11:42] What is the framework to start with clients?..

[22:00] What contributes to metabolic chaos?..

[28:08] What hormone tests are best?..

[34:35] Is it adrenal fatigue or dysfunction?..

[37:30] How to know if TRT is right for you?..

[42:10] Do we need supplements?..

[45:00] Anti-aging and natural decline of the body...

[47:00] Is it ever too late to repair the body?..

[56:15] How Reed addresses long haulers in clients?..




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