A Matter of Degrees

Cleaning Up the Carbon Mess

Nov. 19, 2020

We’ve made a carbon mess. How do we clean it up? Imagine the atmosphere as an overflowing bathtub. The water keeps gushing from the tap. Clearly, we need to turn it off. We have to bring emissions of heat-trapping gases down to zero, stat.  But even after we do that, we still have a mess on our hands. So, we need to open the drain, let some water out.  In this episode, we’ll explore the different ways we can manage carbon emissions with natural and technological solutions. What are their benefits and drawbacks? And how do we think about them in our broader solutions toolkit? Featured in this episode: Lisa Song, Judith Schwartz, Jane Zelikova, and Etosha Cave. Follow our co-hosts and production team: Leah Stokes Katharine Wilkinson Stephen Lacey Jaime Kaiser A Matter of Degrees is a production of Post Script Audio.  For more episodes and transcripts, visit our website.

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