The Side Hustle Club

BONUS Episode: My Very First Podcast Episode in 2019

April 9, 2021

Hey everyone! I want to share with you my very first podcast episode EVER from back in 2019! Back in the day, I had a podcast called "The Quarter Life Project Podcast", which only lasted about 5 episodes before I took a 6-month break from business (I talk about this on episode 16 of the Side Hustle Club Podcast).

Now, if I were to critique my 2019 episode, my past content is quite "basic" and doesn't necessarily capture any of my own original ideas. It was very motivation-driven instead of pushing the audience to critically assess their own business, providing a new way of looking at things, or providing actionable tips and strategies. 

Overall, I hope you'll notice differences in the quality of the content from 2019 versus the podcast episodes I publish in present-day (in terms of thought leadership and delivery of the message). Enjoy!

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