The Side Hustle Club

28. My 2021 Content Strategy

April 12, 2021

Today, let's talk about my 2021 content strategy! 

Specifically, we'll look at:

  • The platforms I'll be doubling down on in 2021 (and why)
  • The specific types of content I'll be creating for these platforms 
  • How I'm going to continue to book out my 1:1 coaching program 

LIVE WORKSHOP Announcement: On April 30, 2021 (EST) / May 1, 2021 (HKT), we'll be hosting the "5-Figures Soft Launches" Live Workshop! Here, I'll be breaking down my own Instagram content strategy that has helped me make consistent 5-10k months in my coaching business... Simply from doing sot launches! 

If you want to start booking out your 1:1 coaching spots using a soft launch method, you can check out the workshop details and join here: 

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