Scale Your Business with CFO Navigator
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Scale Your Business with CFO Navigator

Congratulations! You've built a successful business. Now you face taking it to the next level. It's time to ask, “How do I scale my business?” Good news. You have come to the right place.

Scale Your Business with CFO Navigator is an interview video and podcast series for business owners who want to make the leap from just working in their business to scaling it to the next level. In this series, Robert Stephens, founder and managing partner of CFO Navigator in Atlanta, Georgia, interviews business owners and experts on how to scale business operations, sales, marketing, technology, financial planning, and more.

Robert zeros in on the numbers that you need to focus on to grow and scale your business. He asks business owners who have successfully scaled their business how they did it. How did they know their business was ready to scale? What processes and operations had to change? What were the signs they were outgrowing their existing resources? How did they move beyond bookkeeping to strategic financial planning? What did they learn from the experience? What would they do differently if they had to scale a business again?

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