Make Your Pitch
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Make Your Pitch

Make Your Pitch podcasts are co-hosted by

Christopher Knight and Ellen J Harris.

The podcast is designed for Startup Companies to meet investors.

The team invites Startups to participate if they can demonstrate a product or service that provides true value as well as being a market disruptor.

If the startup has generated revenue, has a list and has their numbers in order, according to Knight and Harris, this is the criteria Investors want to see.

Investors care about the return of their investment.

The podcast will showcase for the audience what constitutes a good startup candidate.

Startup Companies are not limited to technology. Most importantly, Startups must have a product or service that has commercial viability.

Candidates go to and apply for consideration to be a guest on the Make Your Pitch podcast.


Listeners will discover what investors expect to hear, what experts have to say about your approach to investors and most importantly how to make the ‘killer' pitch.

There will be guests on making their pitch so that you can more easily craft your pitch in order to appear on Make-Your-Pitch.

In addition, for those investors who are listening to the podcast you will have an opportunity to find that next big hit.

Why would you listen to us?

Christopher Knight, a 40+ year serial entrepreneur, business coach, mentor brings his expertise and knowledge to the podcast bringing out core information from every guest. You will find him direct and specific given his years of experience.

Ellen J Harris, a business owner with a 35-year corporate career in fortune 500 companies consults at the annual $300K business startup contest at NYU Stern School of entrepreneurship where she guided 18 winning teams to victory. On the podcast Ellen makes the guests think more deeply than they might otherwise.

We know, once you have listened, you will also want to participate to achieve your goals and vision. Don't forget to subscribe to Make-You-Pitch and leave us a review.

“Do You Have What it Takes”

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Best of Success to All,

Ellen J Harris

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