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【My Destiny】| Music | New Songs 2020

Dec. 7, 2020

【My Destiny】| Music | New Songs 2020

The road it our destiny

Is like a treasure hunt

Just enjoy the journey

And all will be well




Song lyric:

The seeds of change are

Planted in my heart

There’s no denying what will spring

Out of the dust we will rise

There’s no time to waste

The way is open for us

Cause for All my life I’ve been searching just for you

My pride and joy the reason I’m alive

Now I realise that you were always

Standing in front of me

With every stroke of my

Shiny felt tip pen

I’m marking off all the days

That have passed since I

Found my destiny

So many questions await

But for every moment I’m awake

I will not rest until I give my all

Here’s to all the loved ones who stood with me

Through all the years

Tick tock tick tock

Time flies by

For so long I’ve been trying to unmask the truth

Felt like my treasure was a world away

Who would have thought that I was the

Key to it all along

All my life I’ve searched just for You

My stronghold the reason that I stand

Now I realise that You were with me

I won’t let You down


Hey guys, hope you enjoyed the song :)

Attached below is the Chinese version of the song if you’re interested

And here is the Chinese music video of the song

Glad you enjoyed it.


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