The Wanderer

Call of The Wander (Trailer 1)

Dec. 7, 2020

You start with your own breathing. Match the rhythm of the breeze that carves the canopy, the birds and bugs chirping in set intervals, feel the subtle pulse rising up from the ground beneath you. To wander is to dance with the forest; but the forest isn’t just the partner, it is the music, it is the style, it is the rhythm, it is the ancient steps and movements that have only been passed down from one dancer to another. She teaches you to dance the dance she invented, to the music she’s singing, in a tonal system she thought up one night as it pleased her. You breathe, and you listen, and you wait for your place, your first step, the call to wander.

The Wanderer is an original folk tale audio fiction from T.H. Ponders. A member of Fable and Folly Network. Produced by Jordan Stillman. Show Art by V Silverman.

Coming May 3, 2021.

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