Unlabeled Leadership

002: The Difference Between Management and Leadership

Jan. 6, 2021

On Wednesday episodes, I share leadership beliefs and unlabel terminology. For Episode Two, I break down the management and leadership concepts.

00:06 Prologue: What Experts Get Wrong about Management and Leadership

When I searched for videos about how management and leadership differ, I found several experts who don’t get these concepts.

02:33 Part 1: What is management?

I define and discuss the types of management. Then, I share a definition by Mary Parker Follet. I conclude by making the case that there is no similarity or overlap in meaning between management and leadership.

04:54 Part 2: What is leadership?

I admit it: I messed up. Starting Part 2, I say I’m going to explain how traditional and contemporary leadership differ, but I don’t talk about traditional leadership. I should have said that traditional leadership is like management with several assumptions that tend to be harmful. In other episodes, I’ll talk about these assumptions.

In this part, I explain what leadership is. I share a story about two cashiers to distinguish the difference between process and practice (the difference is relevant and worth knowing, especially if you ever create process maps). I end by sharing how L. David Marquet explains what leadership is.

12:13 Part 3: The critics

There is no standard or agreed-upon definition of leadership, and I have some notable critics. I explain and respond to some of their arguments.


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