Unlabeled Leadership

003: Ajay Pangarkar and The Responsibility to Shine

Jan. 7, 2021

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I invite guests to share personal stories about small acts of leadership that help shape their lives. 

In Episode Three, Ajay Pangarkar models what happens when you lead by example, empathize with the people you work with and focus more on listening than talking.

Ajay does more than consults with organizations about employee performance strategies and balanced scorecards. He teaches talent development courses through LinkedIn and for his clients, and he has co-authored three books. Not to be outdone, his expertise includes business and accounting, and he is on the faculty at the Sprott School of Business. You can find his biography in the episode links below.

00:17 Prologue: Stewardship in Two Fields

I know several professionals who transitioned from operations to human resources or learning & development. Ajay is the only professional I know who practices stewardship in two fields. He’s the only person I know that teaches about the foundations of corporate training while teaching a course about accounting! 

02:45 Part 1: Mentoring Is Bidirectional

Mentoring others can trigger your own learning and growth. Ajay explains something a mentee said that affected his beliefs about how crucial continuous development is.

07:43 Part 2: Unaware of Our Acts of Leadership 

While we often plan what they do to lead, we aren’t fully aware of how our words can lead others. Similar to being skilled at driving, we lead automatically and unaware of the nuances. Ajay describes how we can be surprised when people talk about how we helped and influence them.

17:13 Part 3: Rethinking Our Conversations

Ajay would like us to reflect on how we communicate. His advice can improve our ability to learn from our dialogues with teammates, colleagues, direct reports, and even family and friends.


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