Unlabeled Leadership

005: Believing in Others

Jan. 13, 2021

On Wednesday episodes, I share leadership beliefs and unlabel terminology.

In Episode Five, I discuss the first of seven leadership principles, Believing in Others (or, believe in others). I explain how a concept can appear simple but isn’t. I describe a baseball analogy to illustrate how managers can behave as if they seem to not follow the principle. Finally, I talk about how learning relates to the principle.

00:00 Prologue: It’s about Principles

Rather than focusing on leadership qualities or values, I prefer talking about leadership principles. After analyzing 16 leadership books, I identified seven principles. The focus of the show is on the first one, believing in others.

04:49 Part 1: So, Why Did You Hire Me?

Hiring managers search for job candidates who are the most qualified and have the right credentials and experiences. An assumption that hired candidates make is that the manager chose them because of their capability to execute their job tasks. Unfortunately, too many managers behave as if they don’t believe in the new employee’s abilities. Instead, they prefer to tell employees what to do and think for them.

09:15 Part 2: Play Ball!

I use a baseball analogy to illustrate how managers tend to take more control of how we perform tasks than necessary. If a player is competent, a manager might ask the player to hit the ball without dictating anything more than a few broad guidelines.

13:46 Part 3: People Can Learn

While believing that people can learn seems obvious, some managers don’t treat their employees as if they can learn. Because of something called neuroplasticity, scientists discovered that people continue learning well into old age. Again, this might seem obvious, but managers might unconsciously act as if they don’t believe this.


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