Unlabeled Leadership

008: Ronald Graves Differentiates the Coaching Role

Jan. 20, 2021

On Wednesday episodes, I share leadership beliefs and unlabel terminology. I invite guests to share their expertise about small or big acts of leadership.

In Episode Eight, Ronald Graves, a certified coach, distinguishes the meaning of coaching from the popular notion and from other roles. He explains how professionals can leverage coaching to strengthen in their current positions. Also, Ronald describes his Five Levels of Listening.

00:23 Prologue: Disclaimer: He’s my Coach and Friend

Ronald has more than 35 years of business consulting experience, in which he served in leadership roles for 20 years. He is well versed in organizational performance improvement and leadership, and he is a certified coach. For the past year, Ronald has coached me as I work to refuel my entrepreneurial spirit!

01:32 Part 1: Coaching Does Not Pour Information into You

Depending on the situation, managers function as teachers, trainers, consultants, leaders, or mentors. The commonality of these roles is the act of giving information.

05:41 Part 2: Inside->Out Rather than Outside->In

Your potential is internal, and coaching helps you discover your potential. Coaching is a partnership with you as the focal point.

21:11 Part 3: Asking Questions and Listening at Five Levels

Except for one type, coaching is about asking questions and listening. Ronald describes five levels of listening.


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Episode links

Ronald’s LinkedIn Profile

Ronald Graves’ Website

Graves’ Five Levels of Listening can be found in DePaul’s book, Nine Practices of 21st Century Leadership.

Also by Gary DePaul: What the Heck Is Leadership and Why Should I Care?

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