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037: LeRoy Dennison Illustrates How We Can Value Others

March 30, 2021

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I invite guests to share personal stories about small acts of leadership that help shape their lives.

In Episode 37, LeRoy Dennison discusses how crucial first impressions are, how we should show value to the people in our organizations, and shares advice about supporting direct reports with the annual performance review process.

01:23 Prologue: A Lifelong Learner and Steward

After more than 22 years serving in the U.S. Coast Guard and about a decade working at Apple Inc. as a Senior Manager, LeRoy volunteers his time to protecting, preserving, and supporting the Alafia River State Park. LeRoy is the President & Secretary of Friends of Alafia, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to preserving the environment while providing resource-based recreational opportunities to the public.

06:22 Part 1: First Impressions

When meeting someone for the first time, the First impressions can have a lasting effect. LeRoy shares something his mother explained about first impressions.

06:22 Part 2: Valuing Others

LeRoy shares a story about his commanding officer in the Coast Guard. Regardless of career level, LeRoy illustrates how we can value the people in our organizations.

14:43 Part 3: Life Happens

LeRoy shares advice about preparing direct reports for annual performance reviews. Also, he encourages us to recognize that our personal experiences can affect our work.


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