Unlabeled Leadership

039: Elaine Jacques Will Always Defend You

April 1, 2021

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I invite guests to share personal stories about small acts of leadership that help shape their lives.

In Episode 39, Elaine Jacques explains one of her guiding principles, shares a story that inspired her to perform at her best, and advises us to ask questions that could build trust.

00:00 Prologue: Evidence-based Practice

Elaine is a Leadership Presence and Leadership Development Coach who has multiple certifications. I think that explaining that Elaine is a lifelong learner would be an understatement. Much of her training and knowledge is founded on evidence-based research in neuroscience, appreciative inquiry, and positive psychology (to name only three of her research areas).

01:41 Part 1: Taking Credit Is Insufficient

Taking credit for what you do well isn’t enough. Elaine explains what a professor said that has become one of Elaine’s guiding principles.

04:54 Part 2: Inspiring Others to be at Their Best

Elaine shares a story about Cheryl Joy, who supervised Elaine’s work as a speech language pathologist. Cheryl’s unique way in showing how she supported Elaine not only increased trust, her actions inspired Elaine to want to be at her best.

11:27 Part 3: Asking Questions Can Build Trust

With anyone who works with you, Elaine advises us to ask three questions. These questions encourage people to offer their feedback and insights into your performance.


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