Unlabeled Leadership

043: David Koster Taps into Your Potential

April 13, 2021

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I invite guests to share personal stories about small acts of leadership that help shape their lives.

In Episode 43, David Koster describes one of his guiding principles, shares a personal story about how a small business owner provided some career opportunities, and advises us to be more open about our challenges that we struggle with during uncertain times.

00:00 Prologue

From being a mechanic, teaching, owning his own business (twice), to working at a corporate headquarters, David has accumulated a wealth of professional experiences. In his current role, David operates a consulting business that focuses on employee experience and performance management for small companies and start-ups. Through his business, he has provided talent development services for companies such as Lowe’s Home Improvement and Charter Spectrum. If you need help with effective onboarding or process design, consider contacting David.

01:24 Part 1: Do It Right

David shares one of his guiding principles and a personal story that reminded him of its importance.

07:03 Part 2: Discovering Unexpected Opportunities

In this story, David exemplifies how crucial opening opportunities is for other people. By giving people a nudge in the right direction can lead them to a new career.

13:32 Part 3: It Is Okay to Ask

Living through a pandemic illustrates our challenging times. With uncertainty comes struggles. David provides perspective and advises us to become more comfortable with being open about our needs.


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