Unlabeled Leadership

044: Bob Mosher Delivers Difficult Communications

April 14, 2021

I invite guests to share personal stories about small acts of leadership that help shape their lives. In Episode 44, Bob Mosher’s storytelling helps us deliver the truth to executives, hiring smart professionals, and encourages us to remove barriers that limit capabilities.

00:00 Prologue

From public school teaching to consulting with McDonald’s, Bank of America, Herman Miller, Hitachi, Disney University, and Progressive Insurance (to name only a few), Bob has helped executives rethink how they develop talent and provided a countless number of training solutions. Not only does Bob help clients, but he also gives back to the talent-development profession through his stewardship.

01:40 Part 1: Delivering the Truth

As professionals advance to a senior role in an organization, they become more removed from customer-facing interactions. They often rely on other employees to understand what is happening within the organization. Bob shares a story about an executive who makes it safe to deliver messages, even when messages aren’t positive.

07:41 Part 2: Accepting Honest Feedback

During a business meeting in Europe, Bob describes how a subordinate expressed a controversial opinion and what didn’t happen afterward.

14:34 Part 3: Hiring and Enabling Employees

While advising us, Bob shares two stories to explain his advice.


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