Unlabeled Leadership

051: Come on…Chip Baker: Go Get It!

April 29, 2021

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I invite guests to share personal stories about small acts of leadership that help shape their lives.

In Episode 51, Chip Baker shares six traits and then a story about his mother, who helped define one of his guiding principles. He then advises us about making better choices that can help us live healthier and more productive life.

00:00 Prologue

Chip Baker is a fourth-generation educator. He is a best-selling author, Youtuber and podcaster, motivational speaker, and life coach with more than twenty-two years of teaching experience.

Chip created the YouTube channel/podcast Chip Baker - The Success Chronicles, where he interviews people of all walks of life and shares their stories for positive inspiration and motivation. He’s known for these words: Live. Learn. Serve. Inspire. Go get it!

01:59 Part 1: A Mother’s IMPACT

Chip describes his life and shares with us six traits.

05:17 Part 2: Transactional or Transformational

Through his story about his superhero mother, Chip shares one of his guiding principles and then expands to a broader discussion.

12:43 Part 3: What Gratitude and Attitude Get You

Chip advises us about how we can make specific choices to live a healthier and more productive life.


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Episode links

Chip’s LinkedIn Profile, website, and YouTube channel

Chip’s books

  The Impact of Influence

  Effective Conversation to Ignite Relationships

Chip Baker -The Success Chronicles podcast on Spotify

Sample of Chip’s videos:

  3 P’s for Greatness[02:37]

  What’s On Your Heart? Belief[02:36]

  Transactional vs Transformational [03:34]

Gary DePaul’s website 

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