Den of Debauchery Podcast

DoD Episode 16 - Realisicly, She's a Licker...Not a Kicker

March 31, 2021

Tell us all of your suggestions for soundbites! What are your favorite lines from the show? So we can make a new intro. We learn that Derek is so cheap he will do anything to avoid paying full price for alcohol (to include taking advantage of a military discount which he has not earned). The guys discuss the massive improvement of the Rambo Last Blood marketing campaign (In summary: AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!). We talk about the greatness of Bill Burr. The guys discuss which women they would throw it all away for. If the listeners have anyone they would throw it all away for feel free to comment or tweet us @PodcastDen. The guys discuss the thing that calls itself Caitlyn Jenner on the Comedy Central Roast of Alec Baldwin. Derek and Yale discuss the idea of having a competition where the loser has to read a statement written by the other as punishment. Do you guys have any thoughts on what the competition could be? Comment below. Yale pleads with the woman who took his family to release them and read all of her porn parody titles to get them released. Yale shares a dirty secret of his late grandmother. The Den discusses the porn block in the UK. Yale explains how he wants his daughter to be a lesbian. Yale makes the proclamation that white woke people are like recovering alcoholics with bigotry. Derek hates anyone who rides a motorcycle (because he is jealous that he can't). Derek and Yale reveal that 90% of their personality is just quoting funnier people. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.