Den of Debauchery Podcast

DOD Episode 18 - Chad Slings Pipe

April 7, 2021

BJ continues the story about how awfully he treated his ex, while maintaining it was all her fault. He plays us some voicemails to try and plead his case, but honestly they just make him look worse. He also regales us with other tails of times he “slang pipe.” Yale tries to convince BJ that he needs a BBW. We all do some good ol'-fashioned fat-shaming. The gang does another game of would you rather one of which we steal from Christina P at Your Mom's House Podcast. We discuss how awful it would be to be a short man. We rename BJ Chad. Chad tells his favorite Andrew Santino joke. We talk about the first time we got pubes and Chad talks about the first time he made white. We finally reveal the truth that the only reason Derek is on the podcast is because his make-a-wish went horribly wrong. We take a looks at Chad's dating profile and ridicule him mercilessly. Finally we learn that Frankie Muniz has a creepy crush on Lizzo. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.