LongDays with Yannis Pappas

Unchecked Press Privilege - Long Days with Yannis Pappas - Episode 4

Jan. 24, 2021

Every Sunday Comedian Yannis Pappas is here to give you a LONG DAY! He's going to attack the headlines and the trending bullshit. He's also going to answer questions from the fans live on air.


The show goes out every Sunday to youtube and audio platforms but while it's being recorded the show goes LIVE it Yannis' Instagram! Come join in on the LONG DAY.


This ep Yanni talks about how Micky Mouse is antisemitic but still attracted investors. How big tech needs to be regulated or it will continue to regulate. How the press is roaming around like a hot chick running its mouth because there are no consequences. It’s very Important to have some things you do not know. What you know is as important as what you don’t. Yanni Long Days goes bezerk in this one. Goody goody gum drops, our nights are shorter thanks to the fumy Greek. 


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