LongDays with Yannis Pappas

STEM or Jake Paul - Long Days with Yannis Pappas - Episode 13

March 28, 2021

Greek Independence Day is a Greek holiday that celebrates the long revolution that eventually threw the yoke of the Ottoman Empire off of Greece. Mr. PANOS explains why everyday is Greek Independence Day, ya heard. This one starts all Greek but don’t worry it goes good ole American long! Yanni has a new TV show idea for atheists, explains what real pizza 🍕 is, Deshaun Watson putting up numbers, Jake Paul, Derrick from Tallahassee has something to say about socialists, Sean Terry tells us what kind of mayor NYC needs, and Yanni covers the two different way Italians pray, Yanni puts himself on notice, white supremacy is so hot right now, and of course comment roulette and much more.


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