Live from Mount Olympus
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Live from Mount Olympus

Combining the artistry of foremost contemporary theater-makers with the timeless stories of Greek myth and the imaginative power of audio, Live from Mount Olympus is an adventure for tweens and families of all ages. This podcast is a production of the Onassis Foundation.

Season 3: Get ready for the story of an unexpected hero! Atalanta is abandoned at birth in the deep forest, where all expect her to perish. Instead, she’s adopted by a mama bear, who raises her as her own.  As Atalanta grows, she knows she is loved but senses that she is different  – she doesn’t look like her brother and sister, she runs on two legs faster than they can on four, she has no fur of her own. But if she’s not a bear, then what is she? Artemis teaches the bear girl how to hunt, Athena teaches her the finer points of human society, and Atalanta becomes a skilled archer, ready for adventure. When she meets the greatest heroes in Greece (who are none too happy about having a girl in their midst) Atalanta surprises them all.

Season 2: Persephone longs for the chance to do more than paint the flowers that suddenly bloom wherever she steps as she trails behind her mother Demeter. When Persephone breaks free to join her friends Artemis and Athena for a picnic, she is suddenly stolen away to the underworld, full of intimidating gods and misunderstood monsters. On her own for the first time, Persephone struggles to find her way in the dark world below. Demeter tears apart the world above to bring her daughter back to the sunlight, and nothing can grow.  When nothing grows, humans starve. Can the gods stop fighting  so humanity can survive?

Season 1: When young Perseus makes a rash promise to save his mother from the clutches of an evil king, he has to strike out on a dangerous quest.  Hermes, god of luck and thieves (Hadestown's André De Shields), is our host for this tale of terrifying monsters, powerful gods, and a brave girl who will change our hero’s life forever.

This bold and original audio drama is created and produced by Peabody Award-winning showrunner Julie Burstein, co-produced by the Brooklyn-based theater ensemble The TEAM, and directed by Tony Award-winner Rachel Chavkin, Zhailon Levingston, Ahmad Simmons, and Keenan Tyler Oliphant. Karen Brooks Hopkins is the executive producer.

Live from Mount Olympus is distributed by PRX.

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